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Marcelle Allen, Owner

Marcelle Allen supports business owners in understanding the patterns of their sales systems, marketing efforts, and financial results with a circular diagram. She wants you to get curious and confident about your financial situation while leveraging social media to grow your business. Marcelle is a numbers nerd and her nickname is Hallmark. She helps clients with digital marketing, video editing, advertising and she is the creative force behind her consulting agency, Dreamosity. Over the years, her message has been shared in the New York Times, King 5, and recently three times on a local radio show called the Money Hour with Tina Mitchell. Her new book is called “Financial Joy: Know the Data Behind Your Dreams. Her signature program is called The Revenue Ringlet.

Contact Information:

Office: 16212 Bothell Everett-HWY F-106 Mill Creek, WA 98012-4752
Phone: 360.420.9966


My specialties include supporting clients with their needs in the following areas: video crafting and editing, sales scripting and sales process development, online funnels and social media advertising, and developing their voice on video. Application focus includes Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest.

Favorite Referral Partners:

Marcelle’s idea referral is someone clear on their message who wants everyone to know why their business matters. If you are ready to dive into social media and video, please reach out!

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