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Mike Enberg, Strategic Business Advisor

BizX brings you new customers and better cash flow. We are the modern barter network, based in the Pacific Northwest, with thousands of members that buy and sell from each other without using cash. We exist to enrich the lives and businesses in our communities.

Take your business’s excess capacity, convert it to BizX Dollars, and use that revenue to pay your expenses, keeping your hard-earned cash in your business and in your pocket, where it should be.

Mike Enberg helps companies grow. He loves to solve problems, create relationships and develop business. He used to mow lawns, write copy, sell travel and certify electronics recyclers. Not all at the same time. He also likes to run, hike and explore.

Contact Information:

Phone: 425.998.5035


Business Development; Barter; Trade.

Favorite Referral Partners:

Business Owners; Nonprofit Development Directors; Entrepreneurs.

Member Image Gallery: