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Network Different. ABOUT CONTACT Expand Your Business Network, and Net-WORTH

Welcome to Professional Networking Association, Northwest.

We’re the fastest growing business networking organization in the Pacific Northwest. Welcome to networking done right.


Our Mission

Professional Networking Association, NW is a locally-owned business networking organization that offers its members the following benefits from 11 chapters throughout the Pacific Northwest:

A positive environment, a weekly meeting format & structure to help business owners and/or employees to interact, an opportunity to grow their businesses, and the chance to earn referrals. Members also gain marketing development, accountability, encouragement and support during each meeting and outside the chapters in a 1-2-1 environment.


What We Offer

PNAnw, LLC was created by its original founders by learning from other groups what NOT to do. The #PNAway business model is to network effectively, run positive and supportive meetings, have member & guest commercials, quality presentations, create engagement with speech break-outs, benefit from testimonials, earn referrals & have fun.

Due to our chapters having the closed-category model; when prospecting chapters to potentially join, please check to see if the type of business you represent is already filled where you visit.

If your business category isn’t available, please consider visiting another location that has an opening. You can also contact us and we’ll let you know when/if your category opens up in any of our locations! Category exclusivity is a benefit of PNAnw membership!

COVID Status

COVID Status

Most chapters are back to meeting in person. However, some still remain on zoom. Visit Chapter pages to get updated info as to when and where!


Member Documents

Need to access one of our downloadable documents for yourself or a member? Download all necessary files to make your Chapter meetings run.


Member Expectations

Please take the time to read and consider our Terms & Conditions for membership. At PNAnw, we take the member experience seriously.


Start a Chapter

Are you interested in opening a PNAnw Chapter in your local demographic? Click through here to read through our PNAnw Chapter Charter requirements


We're thankful to be experiencing a boom of growth in 2024, and have a goal chapter(s)-wide of being at a minimum of 15-20 members per location; aside from already welcoming in 2 new chapters and 3 more coming before the end of the year!

Please consider visiting a chapter that fits your demographic and see what all the excitement is all about.

Click through any of our “Active” chapters in the Pacific Northwest to see the current categories represented. For your convenience, your default view within each chapter page has a list a business categories that each location has shown “interest” in having join!

Meet the Owner

Professional Networking Association was purchased in 2021 by Brian Trendler after almost 2 years worth of planning. Now called PNAnw, LLC, its sole purpose remains the same; the heart of the company is to connect like-minded business owners through camaraderie, opportunities for growth, and to gain exposure to their businesses. Bonus points for having fun doing so as well…

Brian has been a business networker “participant” for 20+ years, and understands fully the value and need for groups like PNAnw to exist. He’s an extreme connector when it comes to PNAnw’s growth plans in 2024 and beyond; already increasing this year the number of chapters to 11 in the Pacific Northwest. Chapter health this year is also key, as 15+ members per location brings in exciting new blood, new business types, and these concentrated growth efforts increases new and exciting networking opportunities for greater exposure, syndication and reach.

Brian’s energy, enthusiasm for PNAnw’s standards of excellence, and willingness to serve PNAnw’s members is the perfect recipe for success. Have questions about PNAnw? – Please connect with Brian via the Contact Page or social medias listed there.


PNAnw offers maximum online exposure to its members, and ongoing education on the value of networking, referrals, and much more!


“I joined the PNA-Bothell chapter in 2010 after searching for the best local business networking group. Unlike so many other such groups, this one really worked.  It was a great place for referrals. And alot of fun. Every week I look forward to attending.”—Attorney Paul Hanson

Attorney Paul Hanson

I have been a part of PNAnw for over 5 years. A great group that focuses on helping each other grow our business.

Joe Calvert

I’ve been a member for over 10 years and have always found it to be extremely helpful to my business and actually one of the highlights of my week!

Steve Porter

I have been part of PNAnw since 2011. I love having a network of people that I can refer my clients to and that act as a resource for me. PNAnw has been a great asset to my business.

Joshua Curtis


Let's Connect

If you would like to learn more about what PNAnw, LLC has to offer your business, please reach out. Allow up to 2 business days for us to respond.

If you are eager to join, please visit our Membership Application page and fill out to the best of your ability. You do not have to register a sponser to submit an application for membership. However, have those references ready. We pride ourselves in vetting our applicants and take what others say about “you” very seriously!

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