Welcome to Networking Done Right, Virtually!!

Professional Networking Association NW, is a business networking group whose main objective is to provide a platform for referrals to expand your client base, to meet like-minded entrepreneurs, and to share camaraderie with other local business owners. We've been doing networking right and sharing #thePNAway since 2002!

Due to COVID-19, even with the recent lift/increase of 50% capacity at most facilities; each of our 9 chapters throughout the Pacific Northwest will maintain our 100% Zoom-based meetings throughout 2021. We were one of the few first organizations that embraced meeting online early on during this pandemic, and are extremely proud of it's members for continuing to connect virtually, exchange referrals and even grow in member count during these difficult months. Join us, and experience what we're all about!

Why we're Awesome

Since 2002, PNAnw has run an effective business business model that focuses on growing its members network, and their net-WORTH. Our positive and supportive meetings have member & guest commercials, presentations, speech break-outs, testimonials, referrals & FUN! Due to our being closed category organization, please check to see the if the type of businesses you are is already filled where you visit. If your business category isn't available, please consider visiting another location that has an opening. You can also contact us and we'll let you know when/if your category opens up in any of our locations! Category exclusivity is a benefit of PNA membership!

Our Mission

Professional Networking Association, NW (PNAnw) is a locally owned networking organization that provides its members the opportunity to make connections with other like-minded business owners, share referrals, contacts, and marketing ideas in a positive environment.

Through participation and effort, you will begin to earn Referrals, learn Accountability, Marketing Development, and enjoy the Encouragement and Support from your fellow Chapter members.

Member Expectations

PNAnw is a business networking group whose main objective is to provide a platform for referrals to expand your client base, to meet like-minded entrepreneurs, and to share camaraderie with business people from diverse practices and specialties. Members who join our organization can expect the following results over time, effort & attendance:

~ You will earn referrals
~ You will learn new sales and marketing methods
~ You will learn how to become a better speaker
~ You will build friendships, business and personal

Visit a Chapter Today!We have 9 locations to choose from, and more on the way!

What Our Members Say

  • I've been a member of PNA for over 8 years. During that time I've done business with many fellow members and have been pleased with their services. Not only that, but the outside referrals from people that need my help have been an important supplement to my practice.
    Paul Hanson Paul Hanson Paul Hanson Attorney, PLLC
  • I adore my PNA Family. They've taught me how to better explain what I do, and to train a salesforce of members who are out listening and networking on my behalf. It's been a tremendous value receiving feedback and referrals each month from my Chapter.
    Marcelle Allen Marcelle Allen Dreamosity
  • I've been a member of PNA for close to 12 years and have experienced first-hand what they preach regarding "Networking Done Right." This organization just gets it, and knows that their members come first as people, and businesses second. It's a well-known fact that you'll do business with who you like & get to know. It's not about making instant sales, it's about building relationships built on trust that carries more weight than any simple meet-&-greet. Check out a Chapter, you'll be glad you did!
    Brian Trendler Brian Trendler We Fix Ugly Design
  • PNA is a powerful, productive and unique experience. It's been in integral part of my business's marketing and overall reach. It's also a source of quality referrals, as well as professionally vetted business owners I can confidently recommend to people in my business and personal networks. These are meetings I actually look forward to! It's no surprise that most every guest that visits wants to join!
    Steve Porter Steve Porter Steve Porter Coaching & Consulting