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Brian Trendler, Co-owner, Auctioneer & Emcee

Owners Marcelle Allen & Brian Trendler are both highly-skilled Humor Engagement Coaches, and have spent the past 8 years building an impressive list of people who have engaged with them to develop their own mix of humor to become better speakers, leaders, and even just better people. Humor heals, humor sells and humor is memorable. If you’re not tickling that side of your brain in order to tickle who’s in front of you, you’re missing out on some powerful tools.

Brian’s also spent the past 6 years building out his Auctioneer street creds: If your Booster/PTA/School, non-profits, or businesses with charity drives need a pick-me-up; then look no further than the remarkably funny, quick-witted, and thoroughly entertaining Auctioneer and Emcee, Brian Trendler. His infectious humor, pacing, positivity, and engagement with his audiences has made him the popular go-to person when the “Fun” needs to be put back in fundraising! Raise your game (not just the paddle)! Brian brings his unique mix of humor, improvisational fun, and industry specific targeted crowd-work that’s a must for any event. He’ll work with your team from start to finish; from program flow, advice on silent vs. live auction items, visuals, the best and most profitable games to include during your event, run-throughs, transitions, and so much more. He brings experience, enthusiasm, and an unstoppable drive to raise money for causes that count!

Contact Information:

Office: PO Box 14161 Mill Creek, WA 98082
Phone: 425.420.6513


On the Coaching side: Our specialties include working with clients who want to learn, recognize the power of humor and that THEY want to become better at what they’re already doing great!

On the Auctioneer side: If you’re part of, or know an organization that wants to shake things up a bit, bring some humor, crowd-working, and fun to your event! Brian specializes in non-profits, organizations that help single parents, kids, or schools that need to raise a LOT of money through PTA’s and/or Boosters! Give him a chance, hire him as both Emcee and Auctioneer – save yourself a lot of money – and keep it within the organization where it does the mosts good!

Favorite Referral Partners:

On the Coaching side: Managers, Sales team leaders, HR Departments, Entrepreneurs, Leaders who are having difficulty leading

On the Auctioneer side: PTA’s, Middle School and High School department/event leads, Non-Profits, Event Planners, and anyone who’s been roped into a fundraising situation and they don’t know the first thing about getting it off the ground!

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