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PNAnw Documents

The following documents are for current PNAnw Officers, Members, and of course, our visiting guests like you. Please take a look at the documents of interest, and if you have questions, please Contact us immediately and we’ll be happy to answer any needs you have!

PNAnw Membership Application 2024

We’re so happy you are ready to join our growing PNAnw Family! Your next step is to fill out the application! Download our Membership Form and fill out in full, print and bring to your Chapter’s Membership Coordinator to get the ball rolling! Make sure those References are filled out so we can process your submission ASAP! Pending any issues or concerns, you’ll be contacted within 3-4 business days. We also ask that you wait to attend any more PNAnw meetings while your Membership Submission is being processed!

PNAnw Terms and Conditions 2024

It’s important to know and comprehend the terms and conditions of any membership. At PNAnw, we’re no different. We may be unlike any other networking group you’ve experienced, but we do have specific policies in place in order to ensure that each meeting follows a specific procedure, that all members are respected and treated equally, and that all guidelines are followed so each meeting is the best part of your week! Please make sure you read our membership terms before you complete an application.

PNAnw Member Biography 2024

All Presenters at PNAnw Chapters get to have their Biography read aloud just prior to beginning their speeches. It’s a fun way for members to get to know speakers better, also preps you for those precious few moments before you launch into your presentation! Members: consider updating your Biography each time you present. Why? Because your business changes and evolves! There may be something new you want read before your presentation that sets the audience’s expectations! Then email to your Vice-President before a meeting, or print and bring with you!

PNAnw Officer Roles 2024

It’s hoped that at some point during your time with our #PNAnwFamily, that you’ll consider holding an officer position in your Chapter. Each role comes with it the responsibilities that are paramount to ensuring a smooth-running meeting and overall Chapter health. Each position shouldn’t take more than 2 hours a week at the most, and all officer positions come with support from your fellow officers! Team work makes for an amazing experience.

PNAnw New Member Kit 2024

Every new PNAnw member needs to fill out this document in full and return to their Chapter’s Membership Coordinator. It includes their Bio, Info for their online profile, (or an existing member might need to change their category in their Chapter or edit information that’s changed) and also our Organization Terms & Conditions must be read and obliged by. Please note, for existing members; a Category change must be approved by a Membership Coordinator.

PNAnw Member Complaint Form

As a member, if you feel that you’ve been mistreated or are faced with a situation that’s made you uncomfortable within your Chapter, please download and fill out the following document and follow the submission process to your Chapter officers. We work extremely hard to provide a safe, positive and supportive work atmosphere within each of our Chapters. If you feel there is an issue, you are legally and 100% discreetly able to get the support you need.