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Member Referral Form

PNAnw Family! If you’ve got a Referral that you’re excited to pass over to a fellow member, please fill out the following Referral Form in full and hit submit! They’ll be immediately alerted that a referral has hit their inbox, and then they can get to work pursuing your connection! We appreciate the fact that you’re doing your part to listen, watch for, and develop Referrals for members; after all, that’s what #thePNAway is all about!

We prefer that you, as the referral provider, do as much work as you can to provide the highest rated opportunities as possible. Any referrals under the (5) rating may need a little more effort on your part prior to passing to a fellow PNAnwFamily member.
Always be on the lookout for those Outside Referrals! This proves that you're engaged during weekly meetings and aware of what your fellow PNAnw Members need! Inside Referrals are coveted as well. These are best described as when you need a product or service from a member of your PNAnw Chapter or any other Chapter in the Pacific Northwest!