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Excited to see who writes what about who?

November 10, 2021
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November 10, 2021 Kamille Madeira

It’s time to start a new tradition in PNAnw. Let’s share some positive Shout-Outs to members in our amazing #PNAnwFamily!

If you have a testimonial, an experience with a member of ANY of our amazing 9 chapters throughout the greater Seattle area, we want to hear from you! TAG the person if you can, and let’s see who has what to say about our members!

SOMEONE will be randomly chosen from posts to earn a lunch with PNAnw Founder, Brian Trendler…., and by “someone” we mean the member who posts the accolade, AND the member who’s being showcased as “Shout-out” worthy!

Excited to see who writes what about who? How can you not be!?

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