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Business Networking

November 10, 2021
Posted in blog
November 10, 2021 Kamille Madeira

SO thankful to have the chance to meet with “half of my travel team,” Ricardo Pruneda, owner of Expedia Cruises/Mill Creek yesterday to dive further into the process of planning the PNAnwCRUISE 2022!

Since Jim’s been on vacation, Ricardo’s been an amazing source of information, planning, and a great sounding-board for things to come! There is so much amazing news to share any day now that I’m shaking with excitement!

Imagine planning a huge business cruise for an organization that has currently 80 members throughout its chapters! Now consider the % that would book for double occupancy!? #WEREGONNANEEABIGGERBOAT 😉

This is BIG people, and the amazing team at Expedia Cruises is making is happen! Huge thanks, and please connect with them if you are planning your own trips! Inland, overseas, or ON the water, they are happy to help!

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