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PNAnw Officer Roles 2022

It’s hoped that at some point during your time with our #PNAnwFamily, that you’ll consider holding an officer position in your Chapter. Each role comes with it the responsibilities that are paramount to ensuring a smooth-running meeting and overall Chapter health. Each position shouldn’t take more than 2 hours a week at the most, and all officer positions come with support from your fellow officers! Team work makes for an amazing experience, increases your exposure as a leader, and helps your Chapter flourish and grow.


  1. Provides tone or theme for each meeting.
  2. A topic of the day or business fact to share.
  3. Ideally is rst to arrive each meeting. Sets up room, passes out Referral Slips at each table, 1-2-1 Slips, any other necessary handouts, etc.
  4. Run each meeting, ensuring meetings start and stop on time.
  5. Sets goals with Leadership Team at the start of a 12-month term.
  6. Meets regularly with team to ensure Chapter goals are being met.
    • VP to ensure Referrals are being tracked for quarterly reporting or contests, Marketing eforts & Statuses, etc.
    • Membership Coordinator for attendance recording and policy enforcement, overall membership health & addresses any concerns or issues over either
    • Event Planner on any necessary arrangements for planning, necessary reimbursements, etc.
    • Charitable Coordinator for any updates, required replies, assistance with prospecting or applying of donations (to be coordinated by Treasurer)
    • Treasurer to ensure dues are processed yearly & on time, applicant submissions are deposited in a timely fashion & before a member is accepted, overall financial status of group.
  7. Brings meeting materials needed to each meeting. (i.e., Business card box, referral slips, white board, banner, President Folder)
  8. Helps Welcome all visitors and substitutes
  9. Keeps Leadership Team and Event Coordinator apprised of events and challenges
  10. Speech-Breakout Presenter for each speaker after his/her session is completed.


  1. Assumes duties of President to run meetings when/if President is absent
  2. Maintain Referral Tracking Tool for inside/outside Referrals (Closed Business) both weekly/monthly and reports Chapter progress during the Quarterly Business Meeting
  3. Collects current Speaker Bio Sheets for all members from Membership Coordinator. Introduces speakers at each meeting.
  4. Runs a “Referral Check”, at least once a month. VP speaks about a past referral passed, checks in with Receiver of referral for status.
  5. Handles Chapter-specific Social Media Accounts, general posting, image uploads, represents a Chapter’s presence online.
  6. Assists in resetting venue at end of meetings, unless otherwise assigned to other members


If a chapter has 15-20 members, the Membership Coordinator role will be assigned to help assist all members, and potential new applicants with the following:

  1. Arrives 10-15 minutes early ideally to setup Sign-in Sheet for Guests.
  2. Great and Welcome guests and substitutes. Have them fill out Sign-In Sheet.
  3. Takes over from VP, & maintains Speaker Rotation Schedule. New members are inserted 2-3 weeks after they’re approved.
  4. Collect 1 business card from all guests and substitutes. Alert them that they will be able to pass cards around the room during the meeting. You will announce and welcome them during the Introduction Session of the meeting.
  5. Have available the Membership Application or the scannable QR Code for our online application. Be ready to answer all questions about the application and submission process.
    • You can collect an Application from a guest after his/her 2nd visit
    • #thePNAway is about Quality, not Quantity of members.
    • Our enforced 2 visit policy allows guests to try us out, but also vice-versa! Sometimes it may not be a perfect fit
    • Upon receiving an Application, you are to alert all members in good standing that an application has been submitted. If the Category is contested by any current member, he/she should contact the Applicant to see if an agreement of “Like- category” concerns can be found.
    • If not, the Membership Coordinator must discuss/meet with the Leadership Team first to determine if the Application process should continue, or if that person should be notified that it’s been denied.
    • IMPORTANT: A check must be submitted with Application. It is not deposited until an application is approved. If denied, it is returned to the Applicant.
    • Denied Applicants are to be offered “Wait-List” Status at current Chapter, or pending formation Chapters within the reasonable vicinity.
  6. Responsible for keeping PNAnw Corporate updated on all new members, member transfer requests, or attrition. A copy of all Application submissions must be mailed to Corporate for our records and Database entry.
  7. Follow-up Monthly with all guests, via the Guest Sign-In Sheet is required by phone, email, or mail. Record feedback as to likelihood of return, reasons not, or any other pertinent feedback and be ready to add this to Quarterly Business Meeting report. THIS feedback can be vital to a Chapter’s Health and a valuable learning tool based on feedback.


  1. Takes minutes for each meeting, emails weekly to all members in good standing
  2. Responsible for communicating special events/Reminders to all members
  3. Sends weekly reminder to upcoming Speakers re: their Presentation, door-prizes, other…