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PNAnw Membership Application 2022

We’re so happy you are ready to join our growing PNAnw Family! Your next step is to fill out the application! Download our Membership Form and fill out in full, print and bring to your Chapter’s Membership Coordinator to get the ball rolling! Make sure those References are filled out so we can process your submission ASAP! Pending any issues or concerns, you’ll be contacted within 3-4 business days. We also ask that you wait to attend any more PNAnw meetings while your Membership Submission is being processed!

Have you, or are you currently a member of any other networking organizations?


(Pro-rated for full months remaining in calendar year)
months X $20.84
(one time fee)



As of 2017, all Chapters will begin tracking attendance. This role will be handled by the Vice President and the monthly tracker will be shared with both Membership Coordinator and President. The following change in our policy comes from the overall issue of the need to be present in order to give and receive referrals. It's assumed that attendance will be consistent when a business joins a chapter. The protected categories in PNAnw are in high-demand; inconsistent attendance hurts both the member and the group, and prevents a better contributor from joining PNAnw. Chapter’s meet weekly, and the commitment to attending should be expected.

This policy change does not apply to excused or medical leaves that each Chapter has the right to provide exceptions on a case by case basis. Members must communicate these issues to the Vice President in order for any extended absences more than 31 days to be approved.

Members will be allowed no more than (1) absence per month. After (60) days, if there are additional unexcused absences, the member will be contacted to determine the cause. If attendance does not improve within the next (30) day period, the membership will be in jeopardy, and/or forfeiture of membership.

If a member is faced with the need for a 2nd absence during a month, they are expected to send a substitute to take their place. This individual cannot be of any competing nature to any paid member in the Chapter. He or she will be expected to provide a prepared commercial for the absent member category, then will be allowed to present a commercial that introduces their business to the members. The incentive here is exposure to their business(s) and an opportunity to experience a PNAnw meeting.

Unless the substitute is an employee of your organization, you cannot have the same person represent your business more than (2) times. This avoids repetitive substitutes earning business opportunities without investing in a PNAnw membership, nor contributing in general as a member or ofcer. PNAnw is a “Pay-to-Play” organization.


Any Networking Marketing Companies, (NMC) that are considered Multi-Level Marketing & performing recruitment practices will experience a change in 2017. Any membership candidate that is part of any of these organizations must have been part of their business for a minimum of (2) years in order to be considered for membership. They must provide activation/start date paperwork to prove they’ve achieved this minimum requirement. Current NMC members will not be efected by this policy change.

The purpose of this shift is to not limit the amount of NMC’s, but to encourage quality representatives that have dedicated their part/full-time eforts to grow their businesses. Historically NMC members have lasted less than (2) years as members or have changed NMC companies multiple times during the same duration. This causes a lack of trust and dependability with other members.

I have read and understand the changes outlined in this document. By signing this document I agree to the company policy changes and will abide to them as a member and enforce as an Officer role-capacity if held during membership duration.