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We’re accepting reservations right now to be part of our second PNAnw Seminar on the Sea experience!

This time PNAnw is upping our game and not only bringing attendees along for an incredible (warm) Mexican Riviera vacation, but we listened to feedback from our PNAnwFamily! After the first trip, we’ve chosen the amazing Princess Cruise lines, a fantastic ship, and worked closely with our partner, Expedia Cruises of Mill Creek to create the best possible package and pricing offer for all who sign up! PNAnw has also booked two amazing keynote speakers to bring new, fun and exciting twists to educate, engage and inspire all who attend!

Here’s what you need to know in order to get involved and lock in today’s pricing*

When: March 2nd – 9th, 2024
Where: 7-day Mexican Riviera Cruise
Round Trip: Port of Los Angeles

Day 1

Departure Day

Day 2

Seminar/Day at Sea

Day 3

Cabo San Lucas

Day 4


Day 5

Puerto Vallarta

Day 6

Seminar/Day at Sea

Day 7

Day at Sea

Day 8

Los Angeles


Mini Suite




Obstructed Balcony





• PLUS BEVERAGE PACKAGE with SERVICE CHARGE – included for guests 21 years old or older. Those under 21 will receive the Plus Coffee & Soda Package

• WI-FI Unlimited – one device per guest.

• CREW APPRECIATION (daily tips/gratuities) – is pre-paid by Princess Cruises for applicable package holders.

To lock in all rates and offers, you will need to pay a $100 per person, fully refundable deposit.
This is scheduled to return to the normal $250/pp soon, so click today

*ALL Prices are subject to availability, and are currently under a limited time Reservation Period.
PNAnw will not provide air-fare. Prices do not reflect any flight accommodations, shuttle or transportation.


Act now to take part in our PNAnw Seminar on the Sea training sessions.*

Participate in 6 hours of inspirational, educational and motivational trainings for your business or just for YOU. These seminars are far-reaching, meaningful, and you don’t have to be a business owner or an employee of any organization. Just be hungry to work on your own business-minded or self-improvement skillsets!

The Workshops will be split between (2) of the “Days at Sea.” This way, you don’t miss out on any of our exciting ports of call, entertainment opportunities and more that the Princess Cruise ship Discovery has to offer.

Your $200 Seminar fee includes a “plus 1” to attend free of charge, effectively making this a rare “Buy 1, get 1 Free” scenario to take advantage of. Participation is not a requirement to be part of this Mexican Riviera Cruise. PNAnw, however, has worked hard to make it afforable, fun, and all attendees should be ready to engage, learn, and get inspired!

*Pre-purchase is required

SEMINAR 1, (Day 2 at Sea)

Greg Bennick, Build a Better Now™

If we want to build a better future, we need to build a better now. For Greg Bennick, focus is a challenge and always has been. Having ADHD meant that he had to learn that nothing happens in the future if the present isn’t rooted in focus. And this focus needs to be specific. It needs to center on what matters most. When we combine that focus with a sense of how to approach priorities strategically and creatively, amidst a community that we support and which supports us in return, we can build the future we want. And we can do that effectively.

Greg’s presentation for us will include a 60 minute fun and informative keynote, followed by two back to back hour long sessions in how we build a better now so that we are ready and present for what comes ahead, and then how to apply those ideas to our line of work and business so that we can strategically move into a better future.

SEMINAR 2, (Day 6 at Sea)

Margaret (Mo) Smith, I Love it When™

Her vision is to create a movement where you are empowered and encouraged to be exactly who you are. Margaret, AKA “Mo,” has a passion for seeking truth and asking the hard questions. She is on a mission to help humans step into the authentic leaders that they are with confidence. I love it when… we give each other permission to be exactly who we are.

Mo’s workshop will give you something to talk about that night at the dinner table. She’ll ask you to step outside your comfort zone and explore alongside her! Her intention is to help you gain clarity on what matters most to you and identify what may be holding you back.

Bring your curiosity, energy and presence. She is STOKED to meet you on the sea.

Save now! Current early-bird pricing of $200.00 won’t last. Pre-Payment is
also key in securing our venue based on attendee count.

*Registration Fee Schedule

Register (and pay) by:

March 3, 2023 $200
June 3, 2023 $300
September 3, 2023 $400
December 3, 2023 $600

Cancellation Schedule

Cancel after (Date/Penalty):

(no penalty before 06/23)
June 3+, 2023 / $150 refund
September 3+, 2023 / $100 refund
December 3+, 2023 / no refund




Snail Mail Check to:
PNAnw, PO Box 14161
Mill Creek, WA 98082